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Date when Invitations To Apply Were Issued Number of Invitations Issued Minimum CRS Points Required Program Specified
First Express Entry Draw January 31, 2015 779 886 All Programs
Second Express Entry Draw February 7, 2015 779 818 All Programs
Third Express Entry Draw February 20, 2015 849 808 Canadian Experience Class
Fourth Express Entry Draw February 27, 2015 1,187 735 All Programs
Fifth Express Entry Draw March 20, 2015 1,620 481 All Programs
Sixth Express Entry Draw March 27, 2015 1,637 453 All Programs
Seventh Express Entry Draw April 10, 2015 925 469 All Programs
Eighth Express Entry Draw April 17, 2015 715 453 All Programs
Ninth Express Entry Draw May 22, 2015 1,361 755 All Programs
Tenth Express Entry Draw June 12, 2015 1,501 482 All Programs
Eleventh Express Entry Draw June 27, 2015 1,575 469 All Programs
Twelfth Express Entry Draw July 10, 2015 1,516 463 All Programs
Thirteenth Express Entry Draw July 17, 2015 1,581 451 All Programs
Fourteenth Express Entry Draw August 7, 2015 1,402 471 All Programs
Fifteenth Express Entry Draw August 21, 2015 1,523 456 All Programs
Sixteenth Express Entry Draw September 8, 2015 1,517 459 All Programs
Seventeenth Express Entry Draw September 18, 2015 1,545 450 All Programs
Eighteenth Express Entry Draw October 2, 2015 1,530 450 All Programs
Nineteenth Express Entry Draw October 23, 2015 1,502 489 All Programs

Express Entry Graph: Minimum CRS Points Required and Number Of Invitations To Apply Issued


Express Entry Jobs Canada is a Unit of Hire Indians Immigration & Educational Services. We work with ICCRC and MARA Lawyers BASED in Canada and Australia. We have been Helping Professionals to Uplift their career path and have helped thousands of our clients in Settling in Canada and Australia.

Express Entry Canada 2015 for Federal Skilled Workers – Key Features

With effect from 1st January 2015, Canadian Government has introduced a new process for selection of skilled professionals and tradespersons wishing to immigrate to Canada and live and work in Canada as a permanent Resident.

The new Canada skilled immigration selection process introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and called Express Entry to Canada has generated a lot of excitement and rightfully so. Thankfully, with announcement of Express Entry points under comprehensive Ranking system (CRS) and Express entry application process, the applicants can start filing their applications to be filed under Federal Skilled worker Class for immigration to Canada. Our opinion and view is that this opens door for immigration to Canada for interested Candidates like never before.

Here are key features of the Canada Express Entry Program:

The Express entry program (EEP) to Canada changes the selection process and not selection criteria for migrants wanting to settle down in Canada as a skilled worker. So now, the applicants can apply for immigration to Canada only after they are invited to apply (ITA) under federal skilled worker program by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

EEP has an additional stage whereby applications are lodged into a Pool. The application stay in the pool for a year. Interested candidates need to re-enter if they continue to be interested and if they did not receive the ITA during the one-year period while the application was in pool.

Canada express entry comprehensive ranking system (CRS) is applied to applications submitted and acknowledged in the pool. Under the CRS, it is beneficial (in case of married applicants) for both the spouses to offer their IELTS and WES report summaries.

Candidates filing the on-line express entry form are asked to provide information related to his qualifications, experience, occupation, Language skills, Canadian Education, Canadian Experience, Spousal language skills as also presence of any blood relations in Canada – whichever is applicable. The on-line express entry form also asks queries related to their preference as regards the province in which they wish to settle down.

After the application is filed and accepted into the express entry pool, the candidate is issued a personal reference number. Using this number, he can submit his profile into the Canada job Bank. These profiles are open for assess of Canadian Employers and provinces. The employers can select the ones that they like and issue a confirmed offer. Likewise, the provinces can nominate a chosen candidate and nominate him under the provincial quota. Either way, the candidate gets additional 600 points, which enhances his possibility of being selected from the pool.

So starting point is getting into the pool and rest will follow. Almost everyone has a chance of being getting a Canada permanent residence visa!

Regular draws are being taken from the pool and candidates appearing higher in the ranking in the· pool will be selected. It is NOT A MUST that a candidate has confirmed job offer from a Canadian Employer to be eligible to get an invite to apply (ITA) for PR visa. In fact, applications without a job offer or any kind of Canadian credential are being regularly accepted from the pool since the program inception.

An express entry draw is a highly transparent process and announcements are made about the date of draw, the cut-off rank and the number of candidates who are picked out of pool. The basis for selection from the express entry pool is comprehensive Ranking system (CRS).